Backyard Birds: Hummingbirds

Hummingbirds. The flying jewels. A wonderful addition to any backyard or garden. We have compiled a list of tips and hints to help you attract a crowd of the zipping flower suckers.

Plant native plants hummingbirds love: Bee balm, salvia, and phlox are some native perennials that hummingbirds cannot get enough of.

Do not be afraid of red: The color red is a magnet for hummingbirds. While flowers are ideal, anything red will attract a hummingbird. Attach left over red yarn, ribbon, or fake flowers to your feeders or nesting bundle.

Make sure your sugar-water feeders are full: You do not want them to lose interest in your garden. Make sure your feeders are always filled. To prevent algae growth place them in the shade. Also remember to space them out so that aggressive hummingbirds cannot monopolize all of the feeders.

Provide a mist: Hummingbirds love water but the typical birdbath just does not cut it for them. Hummingbirds spend very little time being still so they need to be able to get their water on the fly.

Let your dandelions grow: Allowing your dandelions to go to seed will give your nesters something to build their nests with.

Give them a place to perch: Hummingbirds can be very territorial and aggressive around the feeders. Give them a place to keep watch and wait for their turn at the feeder. Run strings or line in your garden or near native plants your hummingbirds will enjoy to create a place for the hummingbirds to perch.


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