Cover & Providing For Offspring

Wildlife need places to hide so they can feel safe from people, predators, and inclement weather. These places can often double for a place for them to raise their young. Native plants and shrubs are a perfect cover for land based wildlife. Shrubs, thickets and brush piles provide great hiding places within their bushy leaves and thorns. Trees, as well, can be a home to lots of different animals, including some that use tree cavities and branches for nesting and perching. If natural options are not an option for you, consider constructing a birdhouse. Ponds and water features provide cover for aquatic wildlife, such as fish and amphibians.

Here is a list of suggested cover options:
Nesting Box
Water Garden or Pond
Wooded Area
Brush Shelter
Ground Cover
Rock Pile
Roosting Box
Bird Houses
Bat Boxes
Toad Abode


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