Backyard DIY: Butterfly House

Making a butterfly house for the garden is an easy weekend project that requires just a few pieces of wood and some common hand tools.

Step 1 - Cutting the Frame

Use your ruler and pencil to measure and mark off the following sizes:
Back: 4 1/2-inches by 18-inches
Front: 4 1/2-inches by 18-inches
Top: 7-inches by 7-inches
Bottom: 4 1/2-inches by 6-inches

Now that you have your pieces measured it's a good idea to make a mark in the center of each one so it is easy to see which is the top, bottom or sides.

Step 2 - Adding Entrances

To create the openings that the butterflies will enter use your ruler and pencil to measure out 3 12-inch by 1-inch wide slits then cut them out. Make the center slit an inch or two higher than the other two slits.

Step 3 - Making a House, a Home

First, lay your back panel down and arrange the tree bark pieces any way you want to but cover the entire back panel leaving a 1/4-inch space along each edge. Next, nail the tree bark in place with your hammer so they are secured to the back. Now, nail the front and back pieces to the bottom of the butterfly house using one nail per 1/2-inch. Next, attach the side panels to the bottom of the construction as well as to the front and back panels you just attached.

Step 4 - Finishing Touches

All you need to do now is add the finishing touches to the inside of the butterfly house. Put a thin layer of moss at the bottom of the butterfly house being careful not to cover an opening or too much of the bark. Add one or two branches to finish your decorating of the inside. Finally, nail the angled roof in to place.

Step 5 – Hanging

Hanging your butterfly house is easy. The best place to put it is near your butterfly garden or other area they frequent. You can hang the butterfly house from a tree limb but the best course of action is to attach it to a pole or tall, wooden stake close to the butterfly garden.

(Image:Kids Lake)

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